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      We craft meat from plants. Eat guilt free! Our meat is conjured largely from Jackfruit using a patent           pending method. We process them minimally to maintain the balance of nutrition vital to our body.

      These are our specially prepared ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook products made to cheer up your            belly and heart!

      We are a food technology company that aspires to change the way humans eat for the sake of                    humanity, animals and the environment. We have been eating wrong for far too long. We decided             to take control on the production of food that gives the best of nature that returns the same too. We         want to democratise the access to good nutritious food - it does not necessarily belong to certain             people or group any longer.



Why we use jackfruit?

Jackfruit is the perfect substitute for meat. Here's why:

About Page.png
  • The Food Hub

    The jackfruit meat is unbelievable! We wish it could be in hundreds other forms of dishes.

  • University students

    We like the fact that it makes us feel full for hours. So much value!

  • Celebrity mom

    These would make great meals for the kids. I can make my own recipes too!

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